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Who we are

Co-founded by Designers, nested in User Experience Design, we are a digital agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Solving challenges with insights, simplicity & a dash of madness, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver beautifully built solutions on a global scale.

How we work

We’re all about client collaboration, preferring to work with you, not for you. Whether we're crafting a new brand identity or developing a new digital platform, we explore a wide range of possible outcomes in order to make the correct decisions. Testing what we create is key.

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Our only focus is on developing the best digital solutions for you as possible. The way to achieve that is a good concept, great art direction, comprehensive understanding of the user experience and solid development. This means that we don’t do everything, but what we do, we do well.

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You shouldn’t build a website or an app without making sure that the concept will add value to both your business and the users of the product. We take concept development seriously and don’t believe in just wishing for the best, we believe in testing and confirming the concept before any development begins.

Service icon 154fd57b8ba20d96d26e086e775f1a87af10ab10f637d1cac82499eda6c99fe6User Experience

UX is all about designing for good experiences. It’s about understanding the situation the user is in, and creating a practical, experiential, affective and meaningful journey from the outset of the user to a preferable outcome. UX is part of everything we do and spans through the whole project.

Service icon 154fd57b8ba20d96d26e086e775f1a87af10ab10f637d1cac82499eda6c99fe6Digital Design

Design is about creating an expression the user finds meaningful in both an immediate and reflective manner. Our User Experience- and Digital Designers collaborate to make a user-oriented expression.

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An app can be many different things. But no matter if you need a cross-platform app, wrapped app or native app we can help you out. Our developers works with a high level of technical know how and continually keep up to with the newest technologies.

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People will access your website from a wide range of devices, and it needs to perform great on every one of them. Whether you look at the website on a phone, a tablet or a desktop, the website should take shape after the screen. If we build web, we only build responsive.

Service icon 154fd57b8ba20d96d26e086e775f1a87af10ab10f637d1cac82499eda6c99fe6SaaS

Software as a service is a software you can run directly from your browser. If you need an application to help your users navigate, save, send or produce, you might consider creating a web service that be can accessed everywhere. It’s easy and effective for your business.

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Clients & Collaborators

A selected list of our digital associates

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